What You Should Know About Real IDs

In less than a year, Illinois residents 18 and older must have a Real ID card to board planes and enter certain federal facilities. The Illinois DMV is prepared to assist customers with obtaining their new licenses and IDs before the federal deadline. As of May, only 23.5% of Illinoisans have obtained the Real ID.

Here is all the information you need to know about the Real ID:

– The deadline to obtain a Real ID is May 7, 2025, as mandated by the federal government under the REAL ID Act of 2005.

– Real IDs are not mandatory if you have a valid passport, military ID, or other approved federal identification.

– To apply for a Real ID, applicants must schedule an appointment or visit a secretary of state DMV facility.

– The required documents for a Real ID include proof of identity, Social Security number, signature, and two residency documents.

– The cost for a Real ID is the same as a standard driver’s license/ID.

– Real IDs are necessary for air travel, visiting military bases, and entering nuclear power plants.

– However, a valid US passport can also be used for these purposes if it is compliant with the REAL ID.

– A Real ID is not required for voting, driving, opening a bank account, applying for federal benefits, entering federal facilities that do not require IDs, or visiting a hospital.