Rep. Friess Rejects $1 Billion Tax Hike Budget and $1 Billion More for Illegal Immigrants

Springfield, IL…State Representative David Friess has voiced his staunch opposition to the proposed FY25 state budget, expressing deep concerns over its financial priorities and impact on Illinois residents.

“I am deeply troubled by the FY25 state budget. It demonstrates a severe misallocation of resources, favoring non-citizens over the hardworking people of Illinois,” Rep. Friess said. “This budget, with its record-breaking $53 billion in spending, fails to address the real needs of our communities.”

The proposed budget setsa record high of more than $53 billion in spending—a 32% increase over the last five years—and includes nearly $1 billion in tax increases and another $1 billion in spending on services for non-citizens.

“Our constituents deserve a budget that prioritizes their needs and ensures responsible use of state resources. I will continue to fight for fiscal policies that reflect the true interests of Illinoisans and hold our government accountable for its spending. This budget is not responsible or sustainable, and that’s why I voted no.”

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