Rep. Friess Speaks on HB 5830 at Capitol Press Conference

Springfield, IL…State Representative David Friess (R-Redbud) spoke today at a press conference in Springfield on his bill HB 5830, also known as the Classification by Biological Sex Act. This legislation seeks to ensure clarity and accuracy in data collection processes throughout the state.

“I brought forth the Classification by Biological Sex Act because it’s crucial we recognize and respect the biological distinctions between male and female,” Rep. Friess said. “It is critical for public institutions to accurately classify individuals based on their sex at birth for so many reasons. This bill will ensure clarity and consistency in defining terms related to sex, ultimately promoting fairness and equality in our communities.”

This bill would require public schools, school districts, and State or local agencies to classify individuals as either male or female at birth when collecting statistics for compliance with antidiscrimination laws or gathering public health, crime, economic, and other data sets.

In addition to these provisions, HB 5830 also sets forth the meaning of key terms related to sex, such as female and male, woman and girl, man and boy, and mother and father, in statutes, rules, and regulations.

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