Rep. Friess: Democrats Push Major Election Changes with No Transparency

Springfield, IL…State Representative David Friess (R-Redbud) strongly opposes SB 2412, a piece of legislation filed by House Democrats that makes significant changes to elections law in Illinois and impacts the 2024 ballot and elections.

“This legislation represents a new level of political manipulation and power-grabbing by House Democrats,” Rep. Friess said. “It is a clear demonstration of their willingness to put self-interest above the democratic process and the best interest of Illinois voters. As Illinoisians continue to grapple with high taxes, corruption, and other pressing issues, SB 2412 serves as another example of the Democrats’ attempts to maintain their hold on power through unethical means. The people I serve deserve a fair, transparent, and legitimate legislative process.”

If signed into law, SB 2412 would fundamentally change the rules for running for office, but the change only applies to the General Assembly.  No other elected office will be affected by this change. In addition, the legislation adds three non-binding referendum questions to the November 2024 ballot, which may be summarized as follows: (1) should a candidate be allowed to interfere with an election worker’s duties? (2) should taxes be raised on income greater than $1M to provide property tax relief? and (3) should health insurance cover unlimited in vitro fertilization treatments? The first referendum is a means for the Democrats to talk about January 6th, yet again.  The second is the Democrats’ “tax the rich” tag line, with the inference that additional funds would go to property tax relief rather than one of their pet projects.  The third is an attempt to imply that Republicans are against in vitro. Generally speaking, we are not, but there must be limitations. 

The Democrats have super majorities in both chambers and the governorship.  Absent raising income tax, because that is set forth in the Illinois Constitution, the Democrats, by themselves without a single Republican vote, can pass any bill they want and the Governor can sign it into law.  They just don’t have the courage to push back against the special interests that set the agenda in Springfield.

Rep. Friess proudly serves the people of the 115th District.