Illinois House Republicans Unveil Truth in Public Safety Legislative Package (w/Video)

Springfield, IL…Today, the Truth in Public Safety (TIPS) Working Group, comprised of House Republicans dedicated to addressing public safety concerns, revealed a comprehensive legislative package aimed at making communities safer, supporting law enforcement, and ensuring justice for victims.

“I was glad to be on hand for our TIPS press conference today, Rep. Friess said. “I’m honored to work with my colleagues in the working group as we strive toward a common goal. Our communities deserve to be safe, and our law-abiding citizens deserve to feel secure. The legislative package put forth is a crucial step towards achieving these goals.”

The legislative package includes a range of proposals designed to address various aspects of public safety and law enforcement support. One significant bill highlighted during the press conference is HB 4852, known as the Community Protection Act. This bill would require the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) to provide written notification to victims, local law enforcement, and state’s attorneys prior to the release of an offender, empowering communities with information about potentially dangerous individuals returning to their neighborhoods.

Additionally, the TIPS Working Group aims to enhance recruitment, staffing, and training within law enforcement agencies through bills such as HB 5122, which offers a $500 income tax credit for first responders, and HB 5123, which seeks to improve the hiring and training process for law enforcement recruits.

“Our police officers have been demoralized by anti-police rhetoric and policies that undermine their ability to protect our communities,” Rep. Friess said. “It is crucial that we support our law enforcement officers and provide them with the tools they need to effectively carry out their duties.”

Other bills in the legislative package focus on criminal code changes, improving FOIA processes related to law enforcement, and enhancing notification systems for clear and present dangers.

Rep. Friess proudly serves the people of the 115th District.

Truth in Public Safety Legislative Package:

Pretrial Fairness Act:

HB 5120 (Windhorst – Ugaste – Grant – Cabello)

Expansion of detainable offenses.

Allows courts to deny pretrial release based on specific articulable facts.

Changes burden at detention hearing from clear and convincing evidence to preponderance of the evidence.

Revocation of Pretrial Release:

HB 5121 (Friess – Grant – Ugaste)

Requires revocation of pretrial release for defendants charged with a new offense during pretrial release.

State or court motion required for revocation.

Recruitment, Staffing, and Training:

HB 5122 (Ugaste – Grant)

Provides a $500 income tax credit for full-time police officers, firefighters, or rescue workers.

HB 5123 (Cabello – Windhorst)

Improves hiring and training process for law enforcement recruits.

Requires monthly enrollment of recruits into basic training schools.

Criminal Code Changes:

HB 1276 (Elik, Ugaste, Haas, Swanson, Severin)

Increases penalties for aggravated fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer.


HB 5124 (Tipsword – Cabello)

Requires issuing county to arrange transportation for out-of-county warrants.

HB 5125 (Tipsword – Windhorst)

Allows 15 days for law enforcement agencies to respond to FOIA requests involving body camera footage, with a possible 15-day extension.

HB 5130 (Ugaste – Tipsword – Friess)

Adds class B misdemeanors to exceptions for releasing by citation.

HB 5126 (Windhorst – Grant – Ugaste)

Reverts back to pre-SAFE-T Act processes for issuing warrants for failures to appear.

HB 5127 (Cabello – Grant – Haas – Schmidt – Ugaste)

Improves officer-worn camera grant process for public safety agencies.

HB 4852 (McCombie – Windhorst – Cabello)

Community Protection Act: Requires IDOC to notify victims, law enforcement, and state’s attorneys prior to offender release.

Sheriffs Association Legislation:

HB 5128 (Windhorst – Coffey)

Adds county sheriff membership requirement to 911 Boards.

HB 5129 (Ugaste – La Ha – Grant – Sanalitro – Haas)

Expands clear and present danger notification to local law enforcement agencies.

HB 5131 (Tipsword – Coffey – Rosenthal)

Establishes timeline for DHS to remove unfit individuals from county jails and provides reimbursement to Sheriffs.

HB 5132 (Severin – Windhorst – Friess)

Prohibits drones over prisons.

HB 5133 (Grant – Ugaste – Haas – La Ha – Sanalitro)

Allows county sheriffs to create co-responder models with social workers.

HB 5134 (La Ha – Ugaste – Grant)

Expands sex offender registration to include human trafficking offenses involving minors.