Rep. Friess Advocates for Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods

Red Bud, IL…Representative Friess has demonstrated support for law enforcement and the safety of the communities he serves through his sponsorship and co-sponsorship of crucial legislative initiatives aimed at empowering law enforcement.

“Ensuring the safety and well-being of our communities is paramount,” said Rep. Friess. “Through these legislative initiatives, we aim to empower law enforcement personnel, support retired police dogs, and strengthen the infrastructure and resources available to our state police. By investing in these crucial areas, we can build safer neighborhoods and uphold the principles of justice and security for all residents of Illinois.”

As the primary sponsor of HB3354, which amends the Counties Code, Rep. Friess proposes essential amendments to empower sheriffs in disaster management and civil disorder situations. Under this proposed legislation, sheriffs would have the authority to authorize plainclothes for auxiliary deputies, provided they carry proper identification while executing their duties. Also, auxiliary deputies would be allowed to carry firearms strictly while performing their assigned tasks, thereby promoting their own personal safety during critical moments.

Rep. Friess has also co-sponsored HB3588, known as the Care for Retired Police Dogs Program Act, which addresses the welfare of retired police dogs. The legislation proposes the creation of a Care for Retired Police Dogs Program within the Illinois State Police, ensuring a stable funding source for veterinary care for these invaluable members of law enforcement. Through this program, former handlers or adopters of retired police dogs would receive grants to cover veterinary expenses, ensuring these loyal companions receive the care they deserve after years of service.

Rep. Friess has also lent his support as a co-sponsor to HB4048, the Returning Police Officers Loan Repayment Assistance Program. This initiative aims to alleviate the financial burden on police officers who have left law enforcement by providing loan repayment assistance and facilitating their placement in underserved areas of the state. By incentivizing officers to return to service in areas with the greatest need, this program strengthens law enforcement presence and enhances community safety.

Rep. Friess has also co-sponsored HB2722, which amends the State Property Control Act and the Illinois Vehicle Code to provide additional funding and resources for the Illinois State Police. This legislation ensures adequate funding for the equipment of state police vehicles, enhancing their operational capabilities and effectiveness in ensuring public safety on Illinois roadways.

Rep. Friess proudly supports the people of the 115th District.