Rep. Friess Speaks on Keeping Interscholastic Sports Teams Categorized by Biological Sex

Today on the house floor, with his daughter by his side, State Representative David Friess spoke on his bill, HB 1562. Full video below.

Rep. Friess also released the following statement.

“I am proud to be the chief sponsor of HB 1562. I put forth this bill to promote fairness and integrity in interscholastic athletics. By categorizing athletic teams by biological sex, we recognize the physiological differences that exist between male and female athletes. It’s a biological fact that male athletes have significant advantages in many areas, and we need to keep biological boys out of our girls’ sports.

HB 1562 reaffirms the importance of biological sex in sports and promoting transparency and fairness. I ask for your support with this bill so that we can ensure that all student athletes have the opportunity to excel and compete on a level playing field. Thank you.”