Rep. Friess Files HB4531, Protecting Women Only Spaces and Promoting Safety

State Representative David Friess (R – Red Bud) is championing women’s safety and privacy by introducing House Bill 4531, recognized as a “Women’s Bill of Rights.” This legislation aims to safeguard women-only spaces, in response to an alarming trend that allows biological men identifying as women access to areas traditionally designated for women only, such as bathrooms, locker rooms, athletics, correctional facilities, domestic violence shelters, and rape crisis centers. These are spaces where a woman would typically expect privacy and the woman’s safety may be an issue.

“As a father of a 16-year-old daughter, I want to put a stop to biological men invading women-only spaces,” Rep. Friess said. “I’m fully committed to ensuring that women in Illinois feel safe when using facilities where a man simply shouldn’t be present.” 

It is axiomatic that there are biological differences between men and women apart from their genitalia. Men have greater bone density, which allows men to endure a greater impact without sustaining an injury. Men have greater muscle mass, which on average gives them 40% more upper body strength. Men are generally taller and have longer limbs than women, which gives men a distinct advantage in a physical confrontation.

The “Women’s Bill of Rights” recognizes that women deserve special consideration in certain spaces, ensuring they can enjoy their privacy and feel safe. HB 4531 will set a strong example for prioritizing women’s rights and safety in Illinois.