Rep. Friess’ Office Holds Womens Leadership Initiative Success Dinner

Our team gathered for dinner at the 1860 Public House in Red Bud to share the successes of this session. In attendance were State Representative David Friess and staff,  District Director Cathy Dupertuis, Administrative Assistant Emma Heinemann, Mentees; Alexandria McFadden, Cosette (Coco) Woods, Emma Carpenter, Hailie Owens, Jaydian Montroy, and Mabry Wingerter. Mentors; Carolyn Schwent, Meghan Markotay, Brenda Chandler, and Kelly Ethington. Mentors unavailable to attend were, Pam Poetker and Tina Steibel. We were also joined by the Assistant Principal of Chester High School.

We began the evening networking and getting to know the team. We ate a very delicious dinner and then all of our Mentees were awarded Certificates of Completion and $500 scholarships. During the evening, we learned that Alexandria McFadden has been accepted to SLU, Mabry Wingerter signed to play Volleyball at Westminster, and Emma Carpenter has decided to pursue Cosmetology school at John A Logan. Cosette (Coco) Woods has decided she would like to pursue the commercial side of Real Estate.

We have decided to extend the sessions to a whole year term instead of 4 months. There is so much more that can be done by extending the time frame. Our Mentees shared their experiences of networking, encouragement, and the knowledge of their mentors that have helped them progress toward a future path. Each has said they look forward to sharing their experience with other students who may be interested in the program.

Each of our mentees created S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measured, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) Goals to help them articulate their education and career paths. Within 6 Months after they have completed their goal sheet, our team will follow up with them to see how they are progressing.  Our program keeps in touch with all of the program participants. Once a WLI team member, always a WLI team member. It is our goal to guide our mentees throughout their careers and eventually bring some of them back to encourage and help educate others.

The local companies that have supported our program are as follows:

  • Red Bud Industries
  • Gilster Mary Lee
  • Red Bud Regional Hospital
  • Buena Vista National Bank
  • Nevois Construction
  • Property Peddlers
  • Gateway FS
  • Complete Technology Solutions
  • NAPA Auto Tire and Parts
  • IGA

We look forward to working with our community as the program progresses to provide our Mentees with more opportunities for their success.