Women’s Leadership Initiative Team Wraps Presents for Annual Toy Drive and Rep. Friess Delivers Portion to Toys for Tots

The Women’s Leadership Initiative team, an integral part of State Representative David Friess’s community outreach efforts, came together yesterday to volunteer for a heartwarming cause. The team dedicated their time and effort to wrapping gifts generously donated to the Rep. Friess Annual Toy Drive.

In attendance were team members Pam Poetker, Meghan Markotay, Brenda Chandler, Cosette Woods, and Emma Heineman, who serves as the Administrative Assistant for Rep. Friess’ District office. Rep. Friess personally delivered a portion of the collected toys to Toys for Tots in Chester, IL, this week.

“What our communities have contributed is truly remarkable,” Rep. Friess said. “I’m proud of our community for stepping up and making Christmas magic for children in need.”

While the official numbers for 2023 are not yet available, last year, the Chester location for Toys for Tots distributed 1,518 toys to 650 children, highlighting the significant impact of such initiatives on the local community.