Rep. Friess Delivers Activity Books and Crayons to Gardner Elementary School in Waterloo

State Representative David Friess’ office has continued their commitment to supporting education in the district. Rep Friess’ personally delivered Illinois Activity Books and crayons to Gardner Elementary School this week with more schools to come.

The activity books, specially designed for students, contain valuable information about Illinois, including state symbols, coloring pages, and engaging activities to enhance learning and retention.

Rep. Friess shared his enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “I am delighted to see the excitement these activity books and crayons bring to our students. Education is the cornerstone of our community, and providing resources that make learning fun is a priority. I hope these materials inspire curiosity and a deeper appreciation for our wonderful state.”

Rep. Friess and his team are dedicated to supporting education in the district and are actively planning additional deliveries of activity books and crayons to more schools in the coming weeks.