State Representative David Friess Comments on Governor Pritzker’s $638 Million Spending on Chicago’s Migrant Crisis

Red Bud, IL…State Representative David Friess has commented on Governor JB Pritzker’s allocation of $638 million in taxpayer funds to address Chicago’s migrant crisis. The governor recently announced plans to use $160 million from taxpayer funds to provide shelter and job assistance to thousands of migrants in Chicago. This comes on the heels of nearly 25,000 migrants arriving in Chicago since 2022, with the State of Illinois already spending $478 million on the ongoing crisis.

In response to the governor’s announcement, Rep. Friess expressed deep concern about the misallocation of funds, stating, “While I understand the importance of addressing humanitarian issues, the prioritization of spending over half a billion dollars on the migrant crisis, without adequate legislative discussion, raises serious questions about fiscal responsibility and accountability to Illinois taxpayers.”

He added, “Our state faces pressing challenges, and it’s essential that we address the needs of our citizens first. Governor Pritzker’s decision to divert funds away from essential services provided by the Illinois Department of Human Services to tackle the migrant crisis is a concerning misstep. We must ensure that our resources are used judiciously and in the best interest of the people of Illinois.”

Rep. Friess emphasized the need for a more comprehensive approach to the issue, one that considers the well-being of both migrants and Illinois residents. “We need a balanced and thoughtful strategy that prioritizes the needs of our citizens while addressing the challenges posed by the influx of migrants. I am committed to working towards solutions that uphold the values and responsibilities we owe to the people of Illinois.”

The proposed plan by Governor Pritzker allocates $30 million to streamline intake procedures, $65 million for additional shelter capacity in Chicago, and $65 million to expand case management to expedite migrant independence, including job assistance.

Rep. Friess called for a more transparent and collaborative approach, urging for legislative involvement in such critical decisions. “Illinois taxpayers deserve a voice in policies and funding related to migrant programs. It is imperative that we have a thorough and inclusive discussion in the legislature to ensure the best outcomes for both migrants and our citizens,” he stated.

Representative David Friess remains committed to representing the interests of the people he serves and advocating for responsible fiscal policies that prioritize the well-being of Illinois residents.