Pyramid State Park: A Highlight of Perry County

State Representative David Friess is proud to support Pyramid State Park, the largest state park in Illinois. Cathy Dupertuis, Rep. Friess’ District Director, attended a recent board meeting on his behalf. This gathering highlighted the commitment of all involved to protect and enhance the unique natural beauty and recreational opportunities offered by Pyramid State Park.

Pyramid State Park, spanning over 19,000 acres, is a natural wonderland featuring more than 50 pristine lakes and ponds, 3 Class C camping areas, a Class D hike-in campsite, and an extensive network of trails covering 16.5 miles designed for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking. The park is divided into five distinct units: Original Pyramid, Captain, Denmark, East Conant, and Galum.

Historically, Pyramid State Park has been a hub of outdoor activities, earning recognition from the Audubon Society as an Important Bird Area. Bird enthusiasts flock to the park to observe a diverse range of avian species, including sandhill cranes, trumpeter swans, red-tailed hawks, eagles, barn owls, short-eared owls, cormorants, and white-winged pelicans.

The park’s lakes, known for their exceptionally deep, clear, and cold water, have enabled the Fisheries department to stock a wide variety of fish, catering to anglers of all interests and skill levels.

Notably, Pyramid State Park is celebrated as a premier destination for dog-related sports and training activities. It hosts a range of events, including field trials for various dog breeds and retriever training. These activities draw dog lovers from across Illinois, the Midwest, and the nation, establishing the park as a mecca for canine enthusiasts.

Looking ahead, Pyramid State Park has exciting projects on the horizon. These include the expansion of trails for canoeing, biking, walking, and horseback riding, the construction of a new West Entrance, and additional campsites, ramps, boat launches, platforms for viewing and birdwatching.  In addition, the park is gearing up for the hosting of a worldwide marketing campaign promoting the park’s outstanding sporting dog events and the highly anticipated solar eclipse on April 24. Pyramid Park is a hidden gem in Perry County, a bountiful place with something to offer for everyone.

State Representative David Friess is committed to ensuring that Pyramid State Park continues to be a treasured resource for generations to come. Rep. Friess is committed to preserving Illinois’ natural heritage and enhancing outdoor recreational opportunities for his constituents.

Pyramid Park is located at 1562 Pyramid Park Rd, Pinckneyville, IL.