Truck Driving Scholarships to Drive Agriculture Forward

State Representative David Friess is pleased to endorse the launch of the “Driving Agriculture Forward Scholarship Program,” an initiative aimed at supporting Illinois residents pursuing careers in truck driving, a vital component of our state’s agriculture industry.

Truck drivers play a crucial role in transporting farm commodities, inputs, and food products across our state and nation. Their dedication ensures that the agriculture supply chain remains strong and efficient. Recognizing the significance of this profession, the “Driving Agriculture Forward Scholarship Program,” funded by the Illinois Farm Bureau, has been established to offset the costs associated with commercial truck driver training and to cultivate a skilled and safe workforce.

The program is a joint effort between the IAA Foundation and the Illinois Soybean Association, and it will provide twenty $2,000 scholarships to students enrolled at an Illinois Community College Truck Driver Training program in 2023.

State Representative David Friess encourages eligible students to apply for these scholarships, emphasizing the importance of supporting future truck drivers. “Truck drivers are the backbone of our agriculture industry. They ensure that our farms’ produce reaches markets efficiently and safely. These scholarships are an investment in our state’s agricultural success.”

Those interested can find eligibility requirements and apply at Apply for Truck Driving Scholarships (