Rep. Friess Visits Local Businesses in Waterloo and Conducts Roundtable Discussion with Business Leaders

Waterloo, IL…State Representative David Friessand Greater St. Louis Inc.made a visit to Waterloo in Monroe County, Illinois, as part of its ongoing initiative to gather information and support the development of the STL 2030 Jobs Plan. The visit aimed to strengthen local business districts and involved meetings with local business owners, elected officials, and community leaders.

During the visit, State Representative David Friess joined GSL representatives and Chris Herrmann, Executive Director of the Waterloo Chamber of Commerce, to take a tour of businesses along Waterloo’s Main and Mill Streets, including establishments such as Coming Home and Bountiful Blossoms. Following the tour, a roundtable discussion was held at the Waterloo Chamber of Commerce, where attendees shared their experiences and challenges encountered by local businesses.

“I was honored to join Greater St. Louis Inc. and Chris Herrmann from the Waterloo Chamber of Commerce to visit some of the incredible businesses that Waterloo has to offer,” Rep. Friess stated. “We had some phenomenal conversations that I believe will help to expand the already remarkable array of goods and services available here in Waterloo. I’m excited to see how business expands here as new initiatives are implemented.”

The STL 2030 Jobs Plan, which highlights the importance of enhancing and expanding local centers of business across the St. Louis metro, served as the motivation for this visit.

This visit to Waterloo is yet another step forward in Rep. Friess’ and GSL’s commitment to supporting small businesses and enhancing local business districts within the St. Louis metro. By collaborating with elected officials, community leaders, and business owners, GSL aims to create a vibrant, prosperous, and resilient economic landscape for the region.