Rep. Friess Statement on Illinois Supreme Court Gun Ban Ruling

Today, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled 4-3 to uphold legislation enforcing a gun ban in Illinois. Rep. Friess released the following statement following the ruling:

“Right from the start, myself and fellow House Republicans voiced concerns about the constitutionality of the sweeping weapon ban proposed by Illinois Democrats.  Rather than targeting law-abiding citizens, Democrats should concentrate on enforcing existing laws, prosecuting criminals fully, enhancing penalties on criminals that commit crimes with firearms, and supporting law enforcement.  Instead, the Democrats eliminated cash bail, which handcuffs law enforcement.  Then, they passed this gun ban, which missed the mark entirely.  The bill burdens responsible gun owners without addressing the root causes of violent crime.  Our commitment to safeguarding citizens’ rights is resolute, and we call on the Governor and Democrats to shift their focus towards effective, fair, and lawful solutions.”