HB3456 Signed into Law: Rep. Friess Comments  

Photo Credit: Southern Illinoisan

State Representative David Friess’ (R-Redbud) legislation (HB3456) to protect and develop the World Shooting and Recreational Complex, a Department of Natural Resources facility in Sparta, IL., was signed into law today. This recreational facility is owned by the Department of Natural Resources, who can no longer afford to maintain the property and seeks to sell it.  

The Shooting Complex is an estimated 1,600-acres, which includes 746 RV campsites, 120 trap shooting fields, and a 34,000 square foot events center. Sadly, these resources are only fully utilized about 4 weeks out of the entire calendar year. With the proper resources, management, and strategy behind it, this facility could serve as a huge economic boon to the community.   

The facility was completed in 2006 at a construction cost of $31.5 million. In its current, underutilized state, the Complex’s total projected revenue falls short of the total amount the state appropriated to the facility by more than $1.5 million. Instead of abandoning this facility, steps can be made to fully utilize its potential and turn it into an enormous financial success for the community.   

“I’m thrilled at the news that HB3456 was signed into law,” Rep. Friess said. “The World Shooting Complex is a Southern Illinois gem; unfortunately, the facility is under utilized which translates into unrealized economic gains for its citizens and the region.  HB3456 is an attempt to fully capitalize on what the World Shooting Complex has to offer, and that it grows and becomes a huge economic boon to Sparta and its surrounding communities.  I believe that a private entity, one designed to make money, will fully utilize the potential of this facility and make it something even more special for everyone.”   

Learn more at RepFriess.com or contact Rep. Friess’ district office at 618-282-7284.