Rep. Friess Honors Mentors and Mentees at Women’s Leadership Initiative Dinner

On May 4th, 2023 State Representative Friess honored participants in the culmination of the Spring session of the Women’s Leadership Initiative. Each mentor received a Certificate of Appreciation for their dedication to the goals and success of the program. Each Mentee received a Certificate of Completion. The dinner was held at the Broadway Bayou restaurant in Sparta, IL. Everyone in attendance shared personal stories of the mentorship program and how their experience positively affected them.

Each session a request is sent to each high school administration in Representative Friess’s district to select students that not only meet the qualifications but can benefit from the experience. Upon the recommendations of the school administration, three of our students were selected from Sparta High School. Thank you to Abbey Miles, Spartas Guidance Councilor for selecting three outstanding students: Ellie Grobb, (Sr. Sparta HS) Latrice Littlepage (Jr. Sparta HS and Layla Cahoon. From Red Bud High School, Principal Guehne selected Emma Heineman (Jr. Red Bud HS). This session, nominations were open to Juniors as well as Seniors.

The program will start again in the fall. If you are a Junior or Senior within Representative Friess’ District (which includes Randolph, Monroe, Perry, Jackson, and portions of Washington County), please make your school administration aware that you have an interest in participating in the Women’s Leadership Initiative.

The space is limited to a small number of students each session. Being an alumnus of the program gives you support long after your session ends.

If you are a female leader in the community and would like to become a mentor, please call Representative Friess’ District Office in Red Bud at 618-282-7248

During each session of the program, we ask leaders of our community to help our mentees along the way.  Red Bud’s Mayor Susan Harbaugh has volunteered her time since the inception of the program. Linda Adkisson – Nurse Practitioner /Administrator – in Cape Girardeau, and Dawn LaPorte – Forensic Scientist – in Texas, were instrumental to the effectiveness of the program, sharing their experience and knowledge in fields which the students have expressed an interest.