Rep. Friess Becomes Co-Sponsor of Legislation against Firearms Ban

Springfield-State Representative David Friess (R-Redbud) has joined a legislative effort to repeal the recently signed firearms ban. Friess feels that the firearms ban robs citizens of their Second-Amendment rights and does nothing to serve the people of Illinois.  

“I am proud to be a co-sponsor of HB 1564, as I feel an urgent need to support the repeal of the unconstitutional firearms ban,” Friess said. “When the firearms ban was first brought to the table, I heard the voices of my concerned constituents. The response was clearly negative and to best serve the citizens of my district I must take action against the firearms ban. I likewise share their concerns about this shocking attempt to steal the Constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens. That’s why I’m sponsoring this repeal effort.”

Rep. Friess was one of seven Southern Illinois lawmakers to participate in a Southern Illinois town hall meeting on the subject of gun control in mid-January that drew more than 900 attendees. Friess said the message from citizens expressing their opposition to the ban came through loud and clear.

“The firearms ban is a direct attack on the freedom of the people of Illinois and I am determined to fight back,” Friess said. “Together, we will make our voices heard and defend our constitutional rights.”

Rep. Friess proudly serves the people of the 115th District of Illinois.