Rep. David Friess to Hold Travelling Office Hours in Pickneyville and Murphysboro

Red Bud, IL…State Representative David Friess (R-Redbud) would like to thank the city of Pinckneyville for allowing him the opportunity to set up a satellite office in its City Hall. This past Thursday, District Director Cathy Dupertuis was able to meet with Pinckneyville officials. During this meeting, Cathy was introduced to Mayor Spencer and his staff, affording an opportunity to become more familiar with the community and its administration.

It is Representative Friess’ plan to utilize the office in Pinckneyville at the City Hall on the last Thursday of each month. His staff will also be in Senator Bryant’s office in Murphysboro on the second Tuesday of each month. 

“Our goal is to be present in our district for the communities we serve,” Rep. Friess stated. “The services we provide on a daily basis will be more accessible by traveling to meet those in need.”

Some of the services available will be the renewal of FOID cards and Conceal Carry Licenses, connecting community members with programs and services available through the state.

Office hours for both locations are from 9am-3pm. Services are by appointment early. If you live near either of Rep. Friess’ satellite locations, please feel free to call 618-282-7284 to schedule an appointment.

Pictured from Left to Right – Mayor of Pinckneyville – Robert Spencer, District Director for Rep. Friess – Cathy Dupertuis, City Clerk – Missy Kellerman, and Director of Economic Development – Carrie Gilliam.