Photo: BackStoppers now in Perry and Randolph Counties

I would like to thank David Houston for introducing me to all of the dedicated members of the Backstoppers organization. It is my honor to welcome Perry County Illinois Backstopper’s expansion efforts. When my office was made aware of Backstopper’s efforts to expand its mission, there was no question that I would extend my support to the organization. I take great pride in having played a role in this acceptance of Perry County First Responders into the Backstoppers coverage area. 

The Backstoppers organization is now proudly a part of Perry and Randolph Counties. The goal now is to usher awareness of the organization and its mission to our citizens.  Our first responders risk their lives for our communities on a daily basis. As a public servant, I agree with the Backstopper’s mission of supporting the families of fallen heroes. It is the very least that our communities can do to give back to our first responders and their families.