Rep. Friess Reacts to Budget Address

You can tell it is an election year for the Governor. Today, Governor J.B. Pritzker announced a ‘balanced’ budget that theoretically stabilizes and improves Illinois’ financial health. Of course, this glowing review of our state’s finances is but a mask that covers the State’s insecurities that have plagued us for decades. This ‘healthy’ portrayal is due purely as a result of the federal funds lavished on Illinois as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. What does the Governor do with these funds? Does he pay outstanding debts, or stabilize the state while needed structural reforms are made? No! The Governor chose to increase spending once again to the tune of $45 billion. Evidently, he believes he can spend his way out of a financial crisis. Remember, these federal funds are temporary, and once they are gone, the same structural problems will remain. Don’t be fooled by the gimmicks of a floundering governor. At a time when small businesses have been destroyed, crime is skyrocketing, and our veterans and children are suffering at the hands of an inept bureaucracy, the Governor today lied straight to your face to tell you all is well. It’s not well, Governor. It’s past time for you to be honest about the fiscal health of Illinois and do the right thing for the people of this state.