Judicial Subcircuits Amount to Power Grab

SPRINGFIELD, IL…As part of floor action on the first night of the spring legislative session, House Democrats brought forth and passed legislation to expand judicial subcircuits in Illinois. State Representative David Friess (R-Red Bud) had this to say concerning the legislation:

“Last night at the 11th hour, House Democrats once again took up and passed judicial redistricting legislation with no witness testimony. The sponsor claimed that the subcircuits were created to promote diversity within the judicial system. We know this to be false since the 20th Judicial Circuit in St. Clair County hosts a minority population of almost 40% and did not receive subcircuits. These maps were redrawn for purely partisan advantage, the definition of court-packing. Democrats in Illinois are more obsessed with growing political advantages than tackling crime in Illinois as earlier in the night, they further increased protection for detained suspects while further hampering police. Democrats seemingly have their priorities backward. They have proven themselves to be pro-crime, anti-police, and pro-electioneering. This is not good governance for the people of this state. It is quite the opposite. Our constituents deserve better from their elected officials.”