Rep. Friess’ Week in Review – 10/1/21

Redistricting Update

In May 2021 and again in August 2021, the Democrat Majorities of both houses of the General Assembly passed bills to remap the Illinois House and Senate. The maps, enthusiastically supported by Democrats, contained map lines intended to give districts to many of them where they could look forward to almost automatic re-elections. 

While Governor Pritzker was campaigning for office, he stated on the record that he would veto any partisan, gerrymandered maps. He broke that promise for both the May and August maps when on September 28th, he signed the current maps into law. 

Now, we turn to October, where the expectation is the General Assembly will move to pass new congressional maps. Like with the previous maps, I do not anticipate a fair, open process. I will update you further later this month.

Delta Decline

The Delta variant of COVID made an impact during late summer in Illinois, with cases per day increasing to approximately 6,000 in early September. Good news appears to be coming as case numbers have begun showing a decline down to about 2,000 per day. 

That said, I still have concerns over the state’s mandates on masking and vaccinations. I believe that you and your doctor know best for you and your family. As a fan of personal responsibility, I hesitate to trust any bureaucratic authorities over my trust in myself and my doctor. I believe these decisions are yours to make, and I intend to continue to push back on Governor Pritzker’s mandates.

October is Here

The corn maze and pick-your-own pumpkin patch, a traditional staple of Illinois family fun, is back in fall 2021. The farm-fall-festival website “Corn Mazes and More” posts information on the corn mazes and roadside pumpkin patches located throughout Illinois. Many corn mazes offer Halloween-themed activities, light family entertainment, and additional items for sale oriented towards Thanksgiving and Christmas. The prime season for corn mazes extends from late September until mid-November.