Friess: Pritzker Breaks Promise on Maps

Springfield, IL… State Representative David Friess offered the following statement regarding Governor Pritzker’s signing of redistricting legislation:

“Governor Pritzker, while he campaigned to be our governor, vowed to the people of Illinois that he would veto any partisan drawn maps. ‘Yes, I will pledge to veto’ he said, and he made this promise repeatedly. Well, the time came for him to uphold his word. He had a chance to prove that he was on the side of the people of Illinois who overwhelmingly want change. But, when push came to shove, Governor Pritzker did not have the spine to stand up to those in his party, and he broke his promise. He proved that he is not the reformer he proclaimed himself to be. Instead, he is just another partisan politician who only looks out for his own self-serving interests.”