Rep. Friess on Passing of FY22 Budget

Springfield, IL… State Representative David Friess offered this statement on the Democrat’s state budget passed Monday on a party-line vote:

“The FY 2022 State budget that was just rammed through the House Monday night by Democrats is a direct reflection on the disastrous impact the Governor’s extended lockdowns have had on our state. While scores of unemployed workers can’t access the state benefits they need and revenues have fallen off a cliff, the Democrat budget passed last night calls for greatly increased spending relying almost entirely on federal assistance and increased tax burdens on employers. This process was done in the dead of the night, behind closed doors, and at the very last minute. This budget includes hundreds of millions in new discretionary spending and asks our businesses to pay for it, including small businesses which saw a tax hike. People have already been leaving the state and this budget will further drive them away.

Illinois was promised a new day when Speaker Welch took over. Instead, we got the same old playbook hidden behind meaningless words. No transparency, no bipartisanship, no new day for Illinois.”