Rep. Friess Begins First Committees as State Representative

RED BUD…This week, State Representative David Friess (R-Red Bud) will begin his first committee hearings as a new legislator in the Illinois General Assembly. Friess’ background as a veteran, a lawyer, and the husband of an educator, provides the experience needed to work effectively with legislators from all backgrounds.

Rep. Friess has been appointed to the following committees: Appropriations- Public Safety, Counties & Townships, Elementary and Secondary Education-Curriculum Policies, Judiciary-Criminal, and Public Utilities.

“My first month and a half as state representative has been exciting, I look forward to being a voice for my district when committees convene this week,” said Friess. “I believe my life experiences have prepared me well for this moment. Committees are where the real work takes place, and I am ready to fight for the people of my district.”

Committees will begin the first week of March. Due to COVID-19, recent changes in House Rules have allowed committees to be held remotely while the pandemic is ongoing. Rep. Friess believes that while nothing can replace in-person committees, virtual committees will have to do for now.

“COVID-19 has been a burden on us all. Even though committees will be done virtually, I remain hopeful that the people’s business will get done. I look forward to using my abilities to work for the people of the 116th District,” concluded Friess.

Constituents with questions, feedback on pending legislation, or who need help with state programs are encouraged to reach out to Representative Friess’ office at (618) 282-7284. You may also go to his website at where you may leave a message and sign up for email updates.