Rep. David Friess Offers a Statement on the Signing of HB3653

Springfield, IL…State Representative David Friess (R-Red Bud) issued a statement on Governor Pritzker’s signing of HB3653:

“I am greatly disappointed in Governor Pritzker for choosing to sign HB3653. Our caucus has worked tirelessly to show the litany of issues within this bill and we feel it is a grave mistake to not veto this bill so that it could be further worked on. I do not believe there is anyone who would disagree that improvements can be made, however, instead of working to find and implement those improvements we are left with legislation that greatly harms and endangers the victims of crimes, police officers and our local communities. Removing cash bail, implementing mandates of body cameras, reducing the use of force, and allowing the anonymous filings of complaints against officers are just some of the issues where common ground could have been found, but instead will make our communities less safe. Going forward, we must work to undo this legislation and promote real solutions and reforms that improve the lives of our citizens and allow our police to do their sworn duty. I will support any effort that seeks to undo this horrendous legislation, and work to find common ground solutions that best work for the people of Illinois.”