Rep. Friess’ Statement on New House Rules for 102nd General Assembly

Springfield, IL…State Representative David Friess (R-Red Bud) issued a statement on the newly implemented House Rules for the 102nd General Assembly:

“Today the Democrat majority in the General Assembly implemented new House Rules they claim will bring transparency and fairness to the chamber. To say they fall short is an understatement. We must strive for truly transparent reforms such as increased notice of which bills will be called, instituting waiting periods before votes so that the public has time to see what we will be voting on, guarantee the rights of Members to have their bills called in committee and increase the ability of members to debate legislation. The reforms today do not include any of these common-sense reforms. They do not bring accountability to the General Assembly but instead keep the status quo. Our constituents deserve better and for that reason, I voted no. I will continue to push for real meaningful reforms so that we can work better for the people of Illinois.”